Course Status

Sheringham Golf Club

In any Golf Club, a declared Dress Code has long been a way of ensuring everybody entering a Club, visitor or member – on course or in clubhouse, can feel confident and relaxed, knowing they share common and accepted standards. Sheringham Golf Club is no different in wanting to engender that feeling among all those coming to our delightful cliff-top venue.

Gone are the days when almost ‘formal’ attire was the required standard for participants in this ancient game of ours. Today, we seek standards that are modern and relaxed. At Sheringham Golf Club, this means we ask everyone coming to our Club to reflect the quality of the facilities we try to offer, by dressing in keeping. If you have any doubts, you can always ask at the Professional's Shop or The General Manager’s office before going out on course or entering fully into the Clubhouse.

For your initial guidance, we set out a few simple guidelines to help:

On the Golf Course:

  • Shirts should be a recognisable golf shirt – we fully accept shirts with the rounded neck these days, as long as they are clearly golf shirt brands.
  • Football style or other sports clothing is not acceptable.
  • Collarless and/or sleeveless shirts or T-shirts are not accepted.
  • No denims or track-suit bottoms may be worn.
  • Recognised golf shoes only – no trainers or any other form of sports or leisure shoe.
  • Shorts must be tailored and knee length, without external ‘cargo style’ pockets.
  • No beach style or ¾-length leisure type shorts are allowed.

In the Clubhouse:

  • Dress should be smart/casual unless otherwise stated.
  • Smart denims and trainers are allowed in the Lounge and Dining Room.

Mobile Phones:

  • Use of mobile phones on the course is strictly discouraged, other than for genuine emergencies. Phones must remain on silent/vibrate, and golfers may be asked to leave the course if observed using a mobile phone beyond these very clear parameters.
  • Mobile phones may be kept on silent/vibrate in the Lounge and Dining Room. However, calls may only be attended to in the changing rooms and corridor.